Sunday, April 15, 2018

I is for Insufficient postage

Back in 2008 2016 I received a letter posted with this 42c sunflower stamp issued in 2008, when the rate was 49c.

I'm not sure how it made it to me without the insufficient postage being requested, but it did. Maybe I should stand for incredible, since some letters are not delivered even with the correct address and postage.

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

H is for Half Pipe

H is for Half Pipe, as in the snowboarding sports event.

A bit late, given that the Winter Olympics has been over for weeks now. Although yesterday we had snow on the ground - getting a bit ridiculous to still be having winter in April :)

Here the winter sport event is featured on a stamp celebrating the Salt Lake City winter games held in 2002.

34c was the first class rate back then, last year 34c was the domestic postcard rate (this year it went up 1c to 35c).

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

G is for Gold

This is a $5 stamp issued in 2015 from the Republic of China, known more commonly in the west as Taiwan. The stamp celebrates the opening of the southern branch of the National Palace Museum.

Information is from the postal service in Taiwan:

Right-Spiraling Conch, Qianlong Reign (1736-1795), Qing dynasty (NT$5): Commonly known as Dingfengzhu, or “stable wind pearl”, this conch is said to possess the power to protect ships at sea. It traveled to Taiwan once before with Qing troops to put down the Lin Shuangwen Rebellion and Chiayi’s Cai Qian Rebellion. This white conch, a great Indian shank, is a Tibetan Buddhist artifact. The top edge of its mouthpiece is decorated with lotus petals and scroll grass patterns in repoussé. Its silver underside is etched with praises of the conch in Tibetan and the phrase “made during Qianlong’s reign, Qing dynasty” in Mandarin, Manchurian, Mongolian and Tibetan. The outer side of the wing is gilded with gold and inscribed with praise written in Tibetan. 

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

F is for Father Flanagan, Fossil Fuels and more

We're up to the letter F in the latest Sunday Stamps journey through the alphabet.

See how many Fs you can find on this postcard:

Father Flanagan (1886-1948) stamp issued in 1986. The link takes you to his wikipedia page.

Feathers and flowers on the Eastern Bluebird issued in 1991.

Fossil Fuels on the 1982 stamp issued to celebrate the Knoxville World's Fair, and designed by one of my favorite artists, Charley Harper.

I'm not sure about finding F things on the preprinted postcard stamp issued in 1984 for the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Can it be termed a Fleet of yachts? Can the Foam on the wakes count? Let me know if you have other ideas on this or any other stamps.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

E is for Egg and Eggshell

In the last A to Z, E was for elephants on a stamp from Spain.

This time the E is for Egg and Eggshell on a stamp from Spain. They were both winners of a stamp design contest and formed part of the same issue.

Thanks, Eva, for this fun sending - I'll save the other stamp for another letter :)

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

C is for Critically Endangered

A couple of critically endangered animal stamps from Australia.

The Western Swamp Tortoise is native to Australia, the Western Lowland Gorilla to central Africa.

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